10 Easy Ways to Get Your Child to Read This Summer

Tips for Parents

Parent Reading with ChildReading increases vocabulary, builds confidence and strengthens children’s critical thinking. When children read for fun, they learn to love reading. Here are some tips for you to help your child become a reader this summer.

  1. Visit the Library and sign up for Summer Reading.
  2. Attend a Summer Reading performance at the Library (click for calendar of events).
  3. Ask a librarian for suggestions based on your child’s interests or books she enjoyed in the past.
  4. Read a joke book together. Practice telling each other the jokes.
  5. Be a reading role model – set aside time every day for everyone in the family to read (even if it’s just 15 minutes).
  6. Listen to an audio book in the car during a family trip.
  7. Take something to read wherever you have to wait — the doctor’s office, on public transportation, etc.
  8. Let your child choose any book, even a comic book or a book he’s already read.
  9. Read aloud to your child – older kids may enjoy taking turns with you.
  10. Offer incentives -- let a younger child stay up an extra few minutes to finish a chapter. Reward an older child with seeing a movie based on a book if he reads the book first.

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