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What is Your Family or Friend Tradition?

Traditions are important for teens

Traditions are events that friends or families do together on a regular basis, whether daily, weekly, monthly or yearly that bring people closer. Family and friendship traditions:

Molly's Pilgrim

My Favorite Thanksgiving Story

My favorite Thanksgiving story is a non-traditional one.

November is National Novel Writing Month!

November is National Novel Writing Month, and the library has lots of resources to help you participate!

Leaders are Readers

Special guest author/reader Eloise Greenfield!

In collaboration with the Anacostia Community Museum, the Anacostia Neighborhood Library is excited to continue our "Community Leaders Are Readers" program! This monthly program invites children ages 4-8 and their families to listen and discuss stories read by community leaders, and participate in crafts. On Saturday, Nov.

Job Seeker Book Display

Your Next Job is One Book Away


TMZ- Teen Movie Night

Happy Halloween

Come join Anacostia Library as we watch great movie pick that is very shocking and suspenseful, and like any good Halloween movie, terrifying.What would you do if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere? What if you were forced to spend the night in a creepy motel?Come see if this couple will make it through the movie alive to tell their story.

A Curious George Halloween Party!

Join the Anacostia Neighborhood Library and WHUT at a special Halloween party celebrating Curious George Thursday, Oct. 31, from 4 p.m.

October is National Cookie Month

I love cookies, yum yum yum. And that's why I'm so excited that October is National Cookie Month. Luckily, your library has lots of ways to help you celebrate!Cookbooks:

Roosters in Romania!

Kids Euro Festival at Anacostia Neighborhood Library

In collaboration with DC Kids Euro Festival, the Anacostia Neighborhood Library would like to welcome you to the country of Romania!On Tuesday, Oct.

Christylez Bacon comes to Anacostia!

In celebration of our extended hours, the Anacostia Neighborhood Library is pleased to welcome grammy nominated Christylez Bacon on Sunday, Oct. 20 from 2-3 p.m.!