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Saturday, Feb. 20, 2016

Herman Burney

Fringe Music: Herman Burney/Reginald Cyntje

Shaw (Watha T. Daniel) Library

2 p.m.
Herman Burney and Reginald Cyntje have developed a unique take on jazz, blending tradition and innovation in their music. Both are first call musicians in DC’s fertile jazz community, often working together in the city’s most exciting ensembles. The depth they create together stirs passion and reflection. Photo Credit: Patrick Jarenwattananon.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Rogue Collective

FRINGE Music in the Library:: Rogue Collective

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

12 p.m.
Rogue Collective, based in the Washington DC area, explores “the gap” between classical music, its culture, and other major art mediums through new collaboration, original composition, improvisation, and performance. As members of the newest generation of classically trained musicians, Rogue Collective believes in the power of collaboration and unconventional programming to help to bring the sounds, expressions and timbres of classical music to more audiences, including the audience of our own generation.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Meche Korrect

Fringe Music: Meche Korrect

Deanwood Library

7 p.m.
Meche Korrect is a Performance artist, freelance writer, and educator from Washington D.C. A lover of Art, and travel, she currently splits her time between the D.M.V and Ghana. She will be releasing an Afro Soul infused EP entitled “Bibinii Baa” in early 2016.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Puff Pieces

FRINGE Music in the Library:: Puff Pieces

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

12 p.m.
Puff Pieces are a three piece post-punk band comprised of longtime D.C. musicians (featuring members of El Guapo, Supersystem, E.D. Sedgwick, Weed Tree, and Caution Curves, among others). The band plays a kind of kraut rock-inspired art-punk, with bits of nervous rhythms combined with angular riffs and jangly outbursts. Puff Pieces strives to destroy the bland hegemony of their city’s condo-crazed culture with a mix of melody and nervous dissonance.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Donvonte McCoy

Fringe Music: Donvonte McCoy

Benning (Dorothy I. Height) Library

2 p.m.
Donvonte McCoy is one of DC’s most agile trumpeter and probably its most contemporary-minded jazz trumpeters and composers. Donvonte has performed with many top names in music such as Curtis Fuller, Lionel Hampton, Jason Moran, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Steve Williams and Eric Wyatt, to name a few. Donvonte leads his quintet every Friday and Saturday night in a late-night soul-jazz dance party on the top floor of Eighteenth Street Lounge. That gig gave his first recording as a leader, “3rd Floor” its name, its inspiration and its obsession with movement.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Domingues and Kane

FRINGE Music in the Library :: Domingues and Kane

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

12 p.m.
Amy Domingues and Dennis Kane mesh the tranquil sounds of a 500 year old stringed instrument with electronics to create an organic blend of technology and musicianship that transcends genre. Their music is built on musical traditions equally ancient and contemporary. Amy Domingues creates hauntingly delicate melodies performed with an electronically treated viola da gamba (a predecessor to the cello), while Dennis Kane constructs rich soundscapes and accompaniments via electronics and keyboards.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Moor Mother Goddess

Fringe Music: Moor Mother Goddess

Georgetown Library

2 p.m.
Camae Ayewa is a fierce musician, a passionate community activist, a curator, a poet. She is a Renaissance woman, kinetic, inspiring and filled to the brim with energy in creation. Camae is also at the helm of some of the most exciting punk, art and community projects going on in Philadelphia.