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The Future of the Book in the Digital Age

Guest Author: Ioan Suciu, Georgetown University Press

The future of the university library is up in the air, literally in the cloud. At a time when cloud computing and digital distributions are on the rise, academic publishers and some of the nation’s biggest booksellers have been slow to adapt.

"Mutts: Americas's Dogs": A Review

The library system has all sorts of books about dogs: training dogs, dog health and personal stories about dogs.  Mutts by Brian Kilcommons and Michael Capuzzo [636.7009 K48] is the book about most American dogs. It is an appeal for adopting shelter animals and an explanation of why mutts make such good pets.

A Second Read of "Moronic Inferno"

About a month ago Slate magazine wrote an article about Martin Amis moving to Brooklyn and his new neighborhood.  It mentioned his book The Moronic Inferno from 1987 [973.92 A517].  The title was taken from Saul Bellow, who purloined it from someone else.

Western Stories by Mystery Writers

Both westerns and mysteries are properly crime fiction: sheriff's procedurals and police procedurals; the procedures vary, but there is usually some personal code of behavior, good and bad, and handguns. Quite a few authors who are best known for their mysteries started with, or also wrote, westerns. James Lee Burke wrote Two for Texas in 1982. We know Elmore Leonard primarily as mystery writer, but the first story he sold was "The Trail of the Apache." His best-known western is probably Hombre.

New "Flapper" Novel Available

Ingenue is the second book in The Flappers series, which started last year with Vixen. (The series is anticipated to conclude in 2012 with Diva.)Ingenue picks up a few months after Vixen left off, and it quickly thrusts the reader full force back into the lives of the four main characters.This story is smart, intriguing, and action-packed. Secret mob dealings, romance, deception, betrayal and flappers abound. It's good, gossipy fun set in the decadence of the twenties.

Cleveland Park Book Club September Selection

At the September 13 meeting, the group will discuss Lisa See's

Immigrants in America

The Friends of the Cleveland Park Library are sponsoring a new six-session Immigrants in America book discussion series beginningSeptember 15. This is the third consecutive year