3-D Scanning

Digital Commons
3-D ScanningDigital Commons offers a 3-D scanner to create electronic files of physical objects. Those files can then be modified and used to print out a similar object with a 3-D printer, such as those offered in Digital Commons.

What do I need to use the 3-D scanner?
A library card, a filled-out form (you can download the PDF or Word version of the form) and the object you want scanned.

Scanning costs are $5 an object. It will be charged to your library account.

What's the process for using the 3-D scanner?
  1. Fill out one form per item in person at the Digital Commons. Or fill out the form (PDF or Word) at home and bring in to Digital Commons.
  2. When you hand in your form and item, staff will give you a receipt.
  3. Staff will scan your object, and email you your scanned object, as an .stl and an .obj file. You will be charged $5 to your library account. Scanning times vary, depending on customer demand and staffing.
  4. You have 14 days to retrieve your scanned item; you must present a valid picture ID when picking up your item. 
For more details, check out the 3-D Printing and Scanning Policy.

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