Capital Fringe at DC Public Library

Capital Fringe at DC Public Library

Music in the Library and More

Fringe - Music in the Library

Throughout 2015 Capital Fringe's Jim Thomson will be curating free live music in the DC Public Library through a sponsorship from the DC Public Library Foundation.  Upcoming acts include Chain and the Gang, Escape-ism, Ethiopian Jazz Quartest with Araya Woldemichael, George Smallwood, Anna Mwalagho, Sunny Time, Luke Steward, and Three Man Soul Machine. 

For the full schedule of Fringe - Music in the Library please see our calendar of events.


Previous Programs with Capital Fringe

In 2014 DC Public Library, The DC Public Library Foundation, and Capital Fringe came together to provide a comprehensive series of training workshops for independent theatre: The Training Factory.

Training Factory

The following workshops will be offered over the course of the Fringe festival season beginning June 23 and continuing to July 21.  For specific dates and times check our public Calendar of Events.

How to Fringe
Capital Fringe presents a crash course in taking part in the summer festival.

Intro to Publishing
This session will look at the world of publishing, for both theatrical scripts and popular music.

Solo Performers Roundtable
The solo performers roundtable is about connecting artists who are, very often, single-handedly producing their festival work. 

What Fringe Next - Festival Artists / Festival Organizers
The national and international Fringe network can be an excellent touring mechanism for artists with festival-ready shows.  In this two-part session we'll introduce local artists to a variety of Fringe festivals through both festival organizers and past participants.

Site-Specific Works
In this session Capital Fringe will invite our participating site-specific artists to share details about their work and examine the broader question of "what is site-specific art?"

Self-Producing for a Festival or Tour
This session aims to introduce local artists to the steps involved in producing performance work for a festival or touring production.

Self-Producing in a Permanent Venue
This session aims to introduce local artists to the steps involved in producing performance work in a permanent venue.

Capital Fringe presents "Music in the Library"
Enjoy free acoustic concerts by Capital Fringe Festival performers.

Funding for this series was provided by the DC Public Library Foundation.
Training and performances provided by Capital Fringe.

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