Search and Apply for Jobs

Search and Apply for Jobs

If this is the first time you've looked for a job in a long time, things have changed! Yes, sometimes you can still find a job in the printed newspaper or after seeing a sign in a shop window, but that's not how most companies look for employees.

These days, most jobs are listed online. Most of the pages in this section will help you look for a job on the Internet.

Before you start your online job hunt, take a look at the Online Search Strategies section, where you’ll learn about different ways you can use job search websites to find a new position. Make the job search sites work for you! 

Next, visit the National Sites section to look through some of the country’s largest, most-used jobs databases and actually apply for jobs. You can also visit the Local Sites section, with listings for D.C., Maryland and Virginia jobs. 

And since not all open jobs are advertised online or in print, be sure to check out the networking section for advice on connecting with the people you know who might be able to tell you about those "hidden" job openings. Networking can be done in person, over the phone or online – check out the links in this section to learn more.