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Search Local Sites

DC Government
The Department of Human Resources lists many agency jobs here. Agencies that do their own hiring are also linked to at the bottom of the page.

DC Department of Employment Services (DOES) Virtual Job Search
Use the DOES search tool to look for jobs within a 5-, 10-, 25- or 50-mile radius of your zip code. You can target your search by employer, education, skills, or résumé criteria. The DOES virtual job search requires you to create a personal account. Take this tutorial to learn how to sign up for a DOES job seekers account and get started. After you prepare a résumé in the DOES system, you can apply for jobs directly online, too. 

The Enoch Pratt library offers this handy page of links to state jobs in Maryland as well as all counties in Maryland. Montgomery County and Prince George's County are the closest to DC.
The Commonwealth of Virginia's Employment and Resource Center allows you to explore exciting careers in VA state government. Choose a location. Hold the CTRL key to choose more than one. Jobs near DC include Arlington, Fairfax and Falls Church.

This community bulletin board lists a number of jobs: some are entry level, and some require specific skills. Recent postings include restaurant hosts/hostesses, dental assistant, lead carpenter and clinical psychologist.

Largest DC Employers (by revenue)
This page lists some of the largest employers in the DC area. Marriott is one employer listed here, and there is a link for online listings. You may also apply online. Beware, though: the Marriott application is very thorough. For example, a position called Housekeeping Aide requires you to fill out a regular application (with references), plus a 50-minute questionnaire! You may also run into unexpected questions, such as: Are you willing to take a drug test? (If you answer “no,” you may be reducing your chances of getting the job.) Are you aware that this state does not allow employers to give you a lie detector test? (This is required by Maryland law. Answer “yes” that you understand they cannot make you take a lie detector test, if you do understand.)