Online Search Strategies

There are several ways to use job websites to find employment. The three main ways are described below. If you are new to online job searching, pay close attention to saved job searches.

Search on Websites
Today most jobs are listed online. See the National Sites or Local Sites sections to find some of the most-used sites. For the national sites, you will have to narrow your search to D.C. if you don't want to move. Local sites are D.C.-area only, such as D.C. Craigslist and D.C. Government.Many jobs advertised on the web allow you to apply online. To get an idea of the information you will need and how an online application works, visit this handy online practice application from Stratford Library.

Saved Job Searches
Monster, Career Builder, USA Jobs and Hot Jobs allow you to save searches and have new jobs e-mailed to you. You can find specific information about how to use each of these sites in the National Sites and Local Sites sections. Plan to read your e-mail every day to see what new jobs are available, and apply for any that you can.

Post Résumés on Websites
USA Jobs, Career Builder and Monster all allow you to post your résumé. But in today’s economy, don’t expect employers to come to you, unless you have a specialized set of skills that are in high demand.