Getting Started

Getting Started

This section will help you begin your job search. You’ll learn what to expect and how to prepare for it.

Are you just beginning your job search?  Or have you been looking for work for a while?  Either way, it’s a good idea to read the "Getting Organized" checklist first.  It’s a list of all the tools you need for job searching.  Next, take a look at the resources for writing résumés and cover letters and selecting personal references

If you don’t have a résumé, check out the résumé-building tools.  They will guide you through writing a résumé step-by-step. Already have a résumé prepared? The links to résumé writing tips can help you fine-tune your résumé so that you stand out from the crowd. Once you’ve finished this step, review current job trends.  They will prepare you for what employers want in today’s workplace.

Approach your job search as you would a job--work on it every day!  Set aside time each day to work on your résumé, search for jobs and respond to ads.

Looking for a job is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Be realistic and stay positive.  It might be several months before you land a job.  Don’t be too hard on yourself!  Forget past failures. Focus on the present and future.  Remember, anything you do for your job search might lead to employment!