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Mt. Pleasant Book Club Title for November

"The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry"

We’ve all heard the statistic: one in 100 people is a psychopath. But where does this statement come from? What are the tell-tale signs of a psychopath? And why does it seem a lot of people in positions of power possess these same qualities?

Happy Halloween!

Activities for Kids at Mt. Pleasant Library

What are you doing for Halloween? Here at Mt. Pleasant Library, we're looking forward to lots of spooky fun!

October Book Club Selection: "Super Sad True Love Story"

Meet Lenny Abramov: a 39-year-old balding bibliophile who works at a place where rich people looking for immortality go called Post-Human Ser

The Magazine Reader

If the headline of this article or the accompanying image reeled you into reading this, then I probably don't need to explain what The Believer is, who Nick Hornby is  or why you should care what he's reading.

The Magazine Reader on "The 4-Hour Body"

In her New Yorker profile of self-help guru and bestselling author Timothy Ferriss, Rebecca Mead writes, "Every generation get

Book Club Selection for September

The ever-increasing variety of foods available to modern consumers has meant that most people of a certain age have at least experimented with different eating ha

Book Club Selection for August: "The History of Love"

Set in contemporary New York City, Nicole Krauss’ beautiful novel explores themes of loneliness and loss, and the unlikely glimmers of hope found despite these

American Sign Language Story Time for Kids

Join us for an American Sign Language Story Time on Friday, June 17, at 4 p.m.!