From the Children's Room

Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer  by John Grisham

What a wonderful book!  Theodore is a fortunate soul.  He is an only child of two lawyer parents who let him have his own “office” at their law firm.  And when he feels he can’t confide in his parents, he has an uncle who used to be a tax lawyer before he lost his license.  The Boones have taught Theodore to use all his knowledge and all his good fortune to help others.  At thirteen, his school friends need help with all sorts of problems.  The biggest problem of all is when Theodore is told that someone’s cousin has evidence that would convict a murderer, but he cannot tell the police because he is in America illegally.  Will the killer go free?  Can Theodore keep the cousin from being deported to El Salvador?  This book is recommended to curious kids who want to know how the court system works and who want a good story while they find out.