Book Review for Ages 12 - 18

Silly Corny Jokes

Laughter, is it really good for the soul?  Do you like to listen to corny jokes children tell?
If you do, children can tell the funniest jokes with a straight face, or maybe they may have
a sweet little smirk on their face to make you laugh.  To get an idea of what I am talking about,
here are a few jokes to ponder over.  See if the following jokes make you laugh:
Why are baby goat’s funs to play with? / They’re always kidding around.
Why are fish easy to fool? / Because they’re so gill-able.
What’s a good name for a beach?/ Sandy
How did the cold spread? / It flu.
How do you get a book to come to the telephone? / You page it.
If these jokes make you giggle, share them with some children and have an informal comedy hour. 
Release stress and let it out through laugher and fun.
To find the jokes in this article, read the book, Totally Silly Jokes by Alison Grambs. 

PS:  What kind of raft melts in water?
        An ice cream float