Great 3D Illusions

 A New Way of Looking at the World in 3D Illusions
Amuse yourself with a few minutes viewing, The Magic Eye: A New Way of Looking at the World in 3D Illusions by N.E. Thing Enterprises.   This book has beautiful colorful vibrant pictures with 3D perception. That is when you look at the pictures using the techniques; you will see other images within the picture that has depth. You will see even more images you didn’t see at first. The author describes more than 3 different methods of viewing techniques to reveal the hidden 3D illusions. This book is an excellent resource to share with children, young adults and adults. Many smiles will appear once you discover the illusions in the pictures. It will be fun for you and a partner to follow the techniques given and see the pictures come to life right before your very own eyes. You are invited to come to the library and check out this book. Feel the joy and wonder it will give you, and the satisfaction of making another person smile.