Attention Fantasy and Science Fiction Fans

Do you have trouble remembering which book is the first in a long series?  What about that classic genre author (Robert Heinlein, say, or Roger Zelazny) whose works you keep meaning to pick up, but you don't quite know where to begin?

Well, Jo Walton (award-winning author of the alternate history Half a Crown and several other novels) wants to help!  At the delightful science fiction and fantasy website, she has written a series of posts entitled "Where Do I Start With That Author?"  Each post covers authors beginning with a different letter or letters of the alphabet, and begins with Walton surveying her own bookshelves and suggesting starting points for the authors found there, while the commentators agree, disagree, and offer up additional authors for consideration. To find the posts, go to the webpage, look in the "Featured on" box, and click "See All Features" at the bottom.

Read this series of posts for a handy guide to many, many fantasy and science fiction authors (including some you may not have heard of and some that are out of print), with some mystery, literary fiction, and children's/teen authors along the way.  Enjoy the ride!