Baby Story Time

We recently had a library user express surprise that we offer story times for infants, and so we want to make sure everyone knows about them! 
Our Baby and Toddler Story Time is Wednesdays at 11am, and lasts about 25 minutes. Children from birth through thirty-six months are welcome, but it's probably most appropriate for children six months through two years, and we offer a Friday story time at 10am that's especially for two and three year olds (called Tales for Twos and Threes)! When the kids get a little older, we have a 10am program on Wednesday for 3-5 year olds (Preschool Story Time)!
All of our story times are held in the basement, so if you bring a stroller, enter through the door with the ramp on D St SE, and you'll avoid the stairs completely.

If you've got kids under 5 years, we've got a story time just right for them, so drop by and check us out!