Children's Book Review and Activity

The Mysterious Giant of BarlettaThere is an overwhelming surprise to the ending of the storybook The Mysterious Giant of Barletta.
It is an Italian Folktale adapted and illustrated by Tomie DePaola.  The giant saves the town of
Barletta from being destroyed by an army of 1000 men.  To be a huge giant, he protects the town
in such a gentle way, and no one knows how he does it, except an old lady who has lived in the
town for many years.  This book can spark the interest of children either by reading or telling
the story with emotion and excitement.  The plot is very easy to follow and understand.  It can
be a great book report for children in grades first through third. We welcome you to come to the
Washington Highlands Interim Library, and get the perfect giant coloring sheet to use with the story. 

See Deborah P. Turner