"The World Bank Unveiled: Inside the Revolutionary Struggle for Transparency"

David ShamanDavid Shaman, author of The World Bank Unveiled: Inside the Revolutionary Struggle for Transparency, will discuss his book and experiences from his 12 years of working at the World Bank.

Mr. Shaman provided a brief overview of the book, stating:

"One and a half billion people live in abject poverty today. Thousands die daily and millions annually because of poverty-related conditions. The World Bank is the most important institution on Earth dedicated to alleviating poverty. Yet there is a widespread belief that it has often failed. There is also little understanding of what the Bank is, how it works and why it is so important. The World Bank Unveiled is an insider's view like no other. While previous accounts of the Bank have been written by high-powered economists and academics, The World Bank Unveiled is written for those who are not familiar with the Bank, international economics or Washington politics. 'Compelling' and 'highly readable' was how one former Bank powerbroker described the text.  The book explores the structural inefficiences and monolithic culture that reduce the Bank's efficiency and effectiveness. It also suggests reforms to help the organization."

book jacket of The World Bank Unveiled
Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, and Founder/Director of Gandhi Worldwide says of The World Bank: "A fascinating and frightening expose of the World Bank's operations. An insider's intimate view of how an organization meant to help the developing world actually hindered progress. A must read!"