Charming New Kids' Items

The Cat's Pajamas by Wallace Edwards.
This beautiful book uses some of the more colorful English idioms in silly sentences ("In order to have dinner music, Andy was forced to use his noodle"), accompanied by lush illustrations, which (mostly) help explain the meaning of the idiom. There's also a list of the idioms and their proper definitions at the back of the book. A lovely book to share with children and help them understand and enjoy some of the peculiarities of the English language!
Best for children ages 5 and up, and for reading aloud.

Mirror by Suzy Lee
Another wordless picture book by the author of Wave, this one about a girl watching her reflection in the mirror. It's just normal mirror fun until the girl in the mirror branches out on her own, no longer just a reflection. I find it slightly sinister, but in a good way, and certainly no one's going to get nightmares from it. The beautiful sparse drawings in Mirror tell a much more elegant and unnerving story than is easy with words, and leave many more possibilities open to the imagination!
Best for children ages 4 and up. 

Dust Devil by Anne Isaacs, pictures by Paul O. Zelinsky.
In this enjoyable sequel to Swamp Angel, the first volume of the adventures of Angelica Longrider, our swamp angel has left the swamps for the dusty plains and mountains of Montana. She arrives, settles down to build a house, but feels things are a little flat, and so brings a couple of mountains to her chosen site to break things up a bit. Then she has to find herself a horse, which is hard when you're big enough to toss mountains around! This is a giant-sized adventure tale, lots of fun (if a little long) for a family read-aloud (especially if the reader is a bit of an actor). The pictures beautifully support the text, the text is fun and funny, and my only regret is that Anne Isaacs wasn't around to imagine Angelica when Davy Crockett was killing bears at age three, because those two Tennesseans sure would have gotten along well!
Best for children ages 5 and up.