Book Review for Children Ages 3-7

Katie Saves Thanksgiving
By Fran Manushkin
Ages:  3 – 7

It was Thanksgiving day lots and lots of snow falling.
Katie Woo was expecting her friends JoJo and Pedro to
come over for thanksgiving. While she waits for her friends
to arrive Katie and her father discussed the pilgrims and
their thanksgiving tradition.  The snowstorm caused the power
to go out and the Woos oven suddenly breaks; Katie and her
parents think their thanksgiving dinner with JoJo and Pedro
is ruined, because their stove is not working and Katie’s
Mom said there will be no sweet potatoe pie.  Katie and her
dad went out to shovel snow and also helped to shovel their
neighbors sidewalk.  Mrs. West lives alone; She cooked a feast
in anticipation of her own family, coming for thanksgiving.  
She later learns that the snow has caused flight delays and
her family will not be able to come.   JoJo and Pedro finally
arrive.  Katie invites Mrs. West to join them for dinner.  
Children will enjoy reading this book.  It’s has large bold
print and colorful pictures.  It also shows that thanksgiving
is a special time that friends and family get together.