Cook Up a Storm... Baking with Toddlers

Baking and toddlers. I know putting those two words together strikes fear into the hearts of many. But it doesn't have to be that way. With the holidays around the corner, baking cookies and other sweet delicacies can be a rewarding experience to have with your child. Plus, homemade treats make wonderful gifts for the holidays. I can still remember shaking a bucket of spiced peanuts with my sister to give to our teachers.

But how to get around the sticky, gooey mess that could be sliding off your kitchen ceiling if you're not careful? Well, there's a book for that. Many of the cooking books in the children's section have step-by-step pictures, and less complicated recipes to try with your children. To get a start, I've compiled a list below of some useful recipe books.

 Paula Deen's My First Cookbook Paula Deen's: My First Cookbook
by Paula Deen, Call Number: 641.51 Deen  This cookbook features Paula
Deen's usual love of tasty treats and simplified recipes for younger
Better Homes and Gardens Step-by-Step Kids' Cookbook
Call Number 641. 51 BET. This book displays full color step-by-step
pictures for each recipe. Although not all of the recipes are for
cookies, there is a full section of quality recipes.
 Better Homes and Gardens Step-by-Step Kids' Cookbook
 come to tea cover Come to Tea
by Stephanie Dunnewind Call Number 641.56 Dunnew. This book is for tea
parties, which are loads of fun, but inside there are also a number of
simpler cookies and tea sandwich recipes for any time of the year.
Bake and Make Amazing Cookies
by Elizabeth Maclead Call Number 641.86 Macleod. For slightly more
accomplished chefs, this book has a number of tasty and visually
tantalizing treats
 Bake and make cookies cover
 All in just one cookie All in Just One Cookie
by Susan E. Goodman, Call Number 641. 86 Goodman. If your children get to wondering just where the ingredients
come from, then this book is for them. In full color pages, it explains
where each ingredient comes from.