On My...TV Screen?

Pay It ForwardI know, I know…I usually write about books that I’ve read, and the title of my little column is really supposed to be “On My Bookshelf”—but I’ve encountered a movie so powerful that I just had to review it (and, if there’s anyone out there that hasn’t seen it yet, recommend it)!  

I’ll start with a question.  Ever see anyone perform an act of kindness so great that you can hardly believe your eyes?  It’s this very kind of generosity that we see during the opening scenes of the very moving film Pay It Forward (2000), starring Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment. As the film continues, we meet 11-year-old Trevor McKinney, an ambitious young man who sets out to change the world in a major way—one person at a time. As Trevor’s efforts take root and others begin to take notice, the lives of those affected become intertwined in a way that, once connected, will be next to impossible to unravel.  

The viewer can expect to see powerful performances by all of the film’s actors. The most hard-hitting performance, in my opinion, was that of Kevin Spacey. In the film, Spacey portrays a wise educator who, despite having experienced lots of pain and heartache in the past, learns valuable lessons about love and trust before all is said and done. Through Spacey’s character, Mr. Simonet, along with those portrayed by Hunt, Osment and quite a few others, this film speaks volumes about the human condition. As the film draws to a close, be sure to grab a box of tissues. This one is sure to be a tearjerker!   

For all the book lovers out there: Don’t fret!  There’s a novel out there by the same name by author Catherine Ryan Hyde that the movie is based on, which is sure to be a tearjerker as well.

Check out Pay It Forwardthe novel and the movie—at your favorite neighborhood library. 

'Til next month!

--Mack Simon