Doggie Diaries XXXVIX: Adventures at the Library

Photo of Pablo the dog up close and smilingPhoto of Pablo the dog reading with a family at the library

From Pablo’s Diary: Wednesday December 22, 2010

‘Tis the season… to wear my warm, woolly sweater and to scratch my backside on the Christmas tree! Oh, the joys! Not to mention the increase number of naps per day.

Tonight at the library some of the PAL  people were talking about dog names. The name Pablo is quadruple-special! Special reason #1: I share my name with the talented artist Pablo Picasso (Note: There are many books at the library about Picasso. This is one of my favorites Picasso and Minou by P.I. Maltbie  ). Special reason #2: I share my name with the author of Moby Dick’s dog (Note: Moby Dick was written by Herman Melville.). Special reason #3: I share my name with poet Pablo Neruda (Note: There are many books at the library about Pablo Neruda. You may like to try To Go Singing through the World: The Childhood of Pablo Neruda by Deborah Kogan Ray   or When I was a boy Neruda Called me Policarpo by Poli Delano  ).  Special reason #4: My pal Lindsey gave me the name Pablo. She’s an Art Teacher and she thinks I am a fine work of art!

I heard lots of stories at the library before I headed back out into the cold. It was hard a pick a favorite because there were so many good ones. I found Mooseltoe  by Margie Palatini deliciously silly. And Mo Willems is one of my favorite author/illustrators and I hadn’t yet heard I Love My New Toy . And finally, Hop on Pop  by Dr. Seuss  was memorable because the family who read it to me kept adding my name, like… “Pablo, it’s a pup!” Look. Pup in cup. Pup on cup. I liked that.

More in 2011!
Happy wags,

Photo of Pablo the dog wearing his sweater at the library

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