Petworth Oral History Project

Petworth drawingAre you a long-term resident of Petworth? Or do you know someone who is? We are recruiting volunteers who can share their memories and experiences of living in Petworth and visiting the Petworth Neighborhood Library. We are compiling oral histories to share with the community at our grand reopening festivities in late February or early March 2011.

Contact us to schedule an interview with a member of our staff. Staff can transcribe your fond memories for future publication on our web page. We hope some of you will be willing to serve on a panel of speakers during our grand opening. No writing is required, just a willingness to speak about what you remember with a respectful audience.

Call 202-243-1188 for more information or to schedule an interview session. Visit us in the Petworth Interim Library located in the parking lot of the library under renovation at 4200 Kansas Ave. N.W. or e-mail us at We can't wait to hear what you have to say!