Doggie Diaries XLIV: Adventures at the Library

Photo of Nessie the dog at the libraryPhoto of Nessie the dog reading with a girl at the library
From Nessie’s Diary: Wednesday January 5, 2011

Greetings! I am Nessie the Westie. Cute as can be. Born on a horse farm whoo-eeei! I am 10. Not sure when I’ll be 11… Though, I suppose, it’s never too early to start planning my birthday party. Maybe this book Sleepover Party!: Games and Giggles for a Fun Night  by Jamie Kyle McGillian will give my PAL  pals and I some ideas for when the humans go to sleep! Hee. Hee. Hee.

As you know, I make it a priority to take good care of myself. I get lots of sleep, plenty of exercise, and eat healthy. It is important for me to keep my youthful figure. Tonight at the library I consumed many, many treats. They were three calories each. So, hmmm… how many calories did I consume in all? Hmmm… I confess that my math skills could use a bit of work so I consult this handy-dandy library book Multiplication  by Ann Becker from time to time to help me solve difficult multiplication problems.

Well, I did not spend all night counting calories. I was quite involved in the stories that children read to me. Some stand-outs were: Some Dog!  by Mary Casanova How to be a Good Dog  by Gail Page, and I don’t Like Gloria!  by Kaye Umansky.

Time for some beauty rest.


Photo of Nessie the dog reading with a girl at the libraryPhoto of Nessie the dog reading with a family at the libraryPhoto of Nessie the dog and Nola and a stuffed dog at the library

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