Doggie Diaries XLXIVI: Adventures at the Library

Photo of Buster the dogPhoto of Buster the dog relaxing at the library

From Buster’s Diary: Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hi. I’m Buster. I’m a five-year-old terrier mix rescue dog. I am mostly black with some white. On my chest, I proudly sport a heart-shaped patch. I love everyone: people and dogs. I am very loving and very gentle. Tonight was my first time at the library as a PAL Reading Specialist and I did a fine job. Miss Julie was very impressed. She kept telling me I was a good boy.   

I heard lots of stories at the library. I particularly enjoyed Hound from the Pound  by Jessica Swaim and Larry Gets Lost in Los Angeles  by Michael Mullin. I was surprised that no one chose to read me any Buster the dog books. There are so many to choose from! There is Buster by Denise Fleming, Buster the Very Shy Dog by Lisze Bechtold and Buster by Linda Jennings. It’s fun to read about other dogs with the same name. Maybe next time!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!
Photo of Buster the dog listening to a girl readPhoto of Buster the dog listening to a boy read

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