Celebrate Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month, there is a wonderful exhibit at the National Geographic Museum called America I Am: the African American Imprint.  Free tickets for children can be obtained by visiting the library to pick up oversized postcard advertisements.  The free ticket is tied to reading a book.  One adult per child with a postcard can attend at half price ($6.00).  Normally, I do not like to plug events that are not totally free, but this exhibit is exceptional with artifacts covering 500 years of history and gathered from various contributors.  I recommend this exhibit for children ages 8 and above. If the National Geographic Museum is not accessible to you, there is a mini-exhibit at the Martin Luther King Memorial Library. The National Geographic exhibit will run from February 2 - May 1, 2011.  It is presented by Tavis Smiley in collaboration with leading scholars.  For more information, visit www.ngmuseum.org or call 202-857-7588.

                                                               --by Judith Oliver, Children's Librarian, Northeast Branch