New Arrivals in the Children's Room

If you've been upstairs recently, you're probably noticed that we've recently received a bunch of new chapter books, picture books, nonfiction titles and biographies.

Here are just a few of our great titles that you might want to check out!

Benjamin Franklinstein Lives! by Matthew McElligott and Larry Tuxbury (chapter book)

Victor Godwin, the brainiest fourth-grader in Philadelphia, is depressed because no one appreciates his scientific brilliance, and now his mom has rented the basement apartment to a man in funny clothes who has a disturbing resemblance to Benjamin Franklin...and who claims that he really is Benjamin Franklin!

Victor's life (and his science project) will never be quite the same!

Benjamin Franklinstein Lives! by Matthew McElligott and Larry Tuxbury
 First Daughter by Julia Devillers Liberty Porter: First Daughter by Julia Devillers (chapter book)

Nine-year-old Liberty Porter discovers that there are plenty of new things to learn when her dad becomes President, such as "riding in the backward seat of the limo to Inauguration Day seems really cool. But it can actually make you kind of sick to your stomach."

Join Liberty as she copes with glitter-glue disasters, stupid code names ("Ruffles") and more in the first book of this brand-new series.

Ancient, Strange and Lovely by Susan Fletcher (chapter book)

Science fiction meets fantasy in this exciting adventure story.

In a future shaped by climate change and pollution, Bryn worries about the fate of her; missing scientist mother. The only thing she has left is a package her mother sent just before she disappeared, which turns out to contain a gigantic, mysterious egg unlike anything Bryn has ever seen. Will Bryn be able to protect the egg, find her mother, and outwit the forces that are endangering them all?

This book continues Fletcher's Dragon Kyn series (Dragon's Milk, Sign of the Dove, Flight of the Dragon Kyn), but can be read and enjoyed without knowing the previous books.

Ancient, Strange and Lovely by Susan Fletcher

 How Seven Artists Got Their Start by Bob Raczka Before They Were Famous: How Seven Artists Got Their Start by Bob Raczka (Nonfiction)

Did you know that Michelangelo often skipped school to practice drawing, or that Salvador Dali's parents let him turn their laundry room into a painting studio when he was only 10? Raczka shares these and other surprising facts about the childhoods of famous artists, and includes pictures of their earliest known drawings and paintings--including a piece created by Pablo Picasso when he was only eight!

Give Me Wings, poems selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins (Nonfiction)

This is a whimsical, magical collection of poems about birds, fairies, wings and flying, by poets from Langston Hughes to Mother Goose, collected by widely-honored children's poet Lee Bennett Hopkins, and beautifully illustrated by Ponder Goembel.

 Give Me Wings
  Lizards, by Nic Bishop (Nonfiction)

Nature photographer Nic Bishop has received an American Library Association (ALA) honor (the Sibert Award for Nonfiction) for his series of incredible books about the animal world. The dazzling color photos in his new book, Lizards, are enhanced by text that is straightforward and accessible to young lizard fans.

Stay tuned for new picture books and biographies!