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View the filmWinter's Bone DVD cover Winter’s Bone, nominated for four Oscars in 2010.

Read the book Winter’s Bone by author Daniel Woodrell.

Ree Dolly, 17, is the glue that keeps her family together in a dirt poor rural area of the Ozarks. She looks after her depressed mother, her brother Sonny and her sister Ashlee. >She is aware that her absent father is involved in the drug trade and makes crystal meth. Still, it is a shock when she learns from the sheriff that her father has put up their home as collateral for his bail. Unless he shows up for the trial, her family will lose everything they own.Ree Dolly goes on a quest to find her father, dead or alive. However, everywhere she goes she is told not to get into other people’s affairs. Ree Dolly refuses to listen, putting her own life in danger for the family she loves, until the truth about her father is revealed.