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Photo of Pablo the dogPhoto of Pablo the dog reading with a family at the library






From Pablo’s Diary: Tuesday May 24, 2011

Oooh….! I love my back scratched…. A little to the left… Now a little to the right… Ahhhh…  Ooooh… Bliss! My paws do not stretch far enough to give myself a good scratch, so I have to rely on the kindness of others. Sometimes I dream… What would it be like to have long arms and legs like humans? And I imagine how delightful it would be to wrap my arms around Miss Julie and give her a BIG hug. And, how helpful could I be by swinging open the door and helping my housemate carry in the groceries? Or, how I could help myself to a fresh water refill by reaching up and turning on the tap myself? It’s fun to dream…

I am a six-year-old Westie, and I have done a lot of dreaming. When my head is not in the clouds, it’s either blowing in the wind from my basket seat on the back of a bicycle or stuck in a book. Books are cool. Miss Julie read Say Hello to Zorro! by Carter Goodrich. I chuckled along, recognizing myself in the story. It is true: dogs love their routines!

Speaking of which, I need to send out invitations to my PAL mates for our annual Memorial Day hot dogs and Frisbee toss at the park. I am top dog when it comes to hot dog consumption!  I know there is more to the day than that because I read Memorial Day by Christin Ditchfield. Somehow, it’s always the hot dogs that stick with me.

Happy wags,

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Photo of Pablo the dog reading with a girl at the libraryPhoto of Pablo the dog going for a walk with a boy at the library