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Photo of Harpo the dogPhoto of Harpo the dog and a family at the library





From Harpo’s Diary: Tuesday May 24, 2011

I’m back...! After a quick stint in the veterinarian’s office, I am a new-and-improved Harpo!  I had a root canal on one of my chompers. The vet said that I was a brave doggie. And, I learned a valuable lesson: brushing your teeth is very important. I now set aside five minutes in the morning to brush after breakfast and five minutes in the evening to brush after dinner.  My toothbrush has a big H on it so that no one else in the house uses it. A fellow’s got to mark his territory!  

Wow. I just made a monumental discovery. This is my 12th blog. I am the first PAL dog to have a dozen of them! How cool is that?! You can click on my previous 11 blogs below, if you’d like.

You know… if it were up to me, I would go to the library every single day. I love the library, and I love Miss Julie even more. However, if not for me, then how would the squirrels in the neighborhood get their exercise? I keep those fellas slim and trim scaring them up trees and fences. My work is never done…!

So I make sure to enjoy my time at the library fully whenever I am there. Last night I lounged on the carpet and listened to My Big Dog by Janet Stevens, and then I relocated to the cool bricks in front of the fireplace to hear Ten Dogs in the Window: A Countdown Book by Claire Masurel. There were other stories…  I’m sure… however, I started to glaze over in a hypnotic state. Whenever someone pets me a certain way, my eyes half-close, I moan, and go to la-la-land. It’s heavenly.  And, there are some spectacular petters at the Takoma Park Library. It’s good to be me!

Peace and Love,
The Big H (A.K.A. Harpo)

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Photo of Harpo the dog and a family reading at the libraryPhoto of Harpo the dog and a girl reading at the library