Teen Financial Literacy Workshops

Image of Woman on Phone with Credit CardNorthwest One Library is excited once again to partner up with our neighbors, the North Capitol Collaborative, in hosting a series of financial literacy workshops for teens.  The next session begins on July 26. These classes are for youth ages 16-21 residing in Sursum Corda, Tyler House, Turn Key, Golden Rule, Sibley Plaza or surrounding areas in Ward 6 only.

  • Learn how to save and invest your money.
  • Learn how to bank online.
  • Learn how to balance a checkbook.
  • Develop a budget.
  • Graduate, and receive a $300 stipend to start a savings account with PNC Bank.

Dinner is provided!

Register by calling Shayna Waites at 202-588-1800, ext. 222, or e-mailing swaites@north-cap.org.