Mayor Vincent Gray and Community Partners Seek To Curb Learning Lost During the Summer Months

Mayor Gray and the city's education leaders visited the Deanwood Neighborhood Library today to launch the next phase of the “One City Summer Fun … Something for Everyone” initiative, “READ and LEARN this Summer.” This component of the comprehensive summer program encourages residents to take advantage of educational programs that cover everything from summer reading for children to adult literacy.

Students who don’t read over the summer or participate in literacy-related activities like museum visits lose, on average, the equivalent of up to one month’s worth of classroom instruction. Students from low-income or disadvantaged backgrounds can lose two months’ worth. And adults who struggle with reading are unable to qualify for many entry-level or career track jobs.

“The District's commitment to continue improving education doesn't end with children, and it doesn’t close with the end of the school year in June,” said Mayor Gray. “We want our kids to come back to school in the fall ready to pick up where they left off. We want adults to have the skills to continue their education or build a career. This component of the One City Summer Fun program gives everyone a way to find something that will educate and interest them.”

Read and Learn programs are being offered by the D.C. Public Schools, the University of the District of Columbia (UDC), the Community College of the District of Columbia (CCDC), the Office of the State Superintendent for Education and the D.C. Public Library. In addition, more than 40 private and non-profit organizations have partnered with city agencies to conduct reading programs.