Doggie Diaries: Adventures at the Library

Photo of Ava the dogPhoto of Ava the dog with a girl at the library






From Ava's Diary July 26, 2011

Nope. Negative. No way, Jose! I do not like to swim. I like my four legs on land, thank you very much. Some dogs love to swim. This dog does not. I hike for my exercise and amusement, and I am a well-known Junior Ranger on the Paws in the Park trails. If only I had a “paw-dometer” to record how many miles these fine legs have walked.

In addition to hiking, I also love to eat. Food makes me wiggle. Food, glorious food! And, I love children – all kinds of children: big ones, little ones, wiggly ones, quiet ones, stinky ones, clean ones. You name it! When I volunteer with PAL, I get to meet lots and lots of children. Children make me wiggle.

Tonight I heard Dig! By Andrea Griffing Zimmerman. I loved that dog, Lightning. He was so adorable. I think I have a puppy crush.  And then I heard Some Dog by Mary Casanova. And, between you and me, George the Basset Hound was not nearly as handsome as Lightning. It was all about Lightning for me at the library! Lightning makes me wiggle.

Off to have sweet dreams … of walking in the park and eating frozen yogurt with Lightning. 

Wags away,

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Photo of Ava the dog reading with a girl at the libraryPhoto of Ava the dog going for a walk at the library