A Ride with Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman This Harriet Tubman picture book is very inviting, with its hardback covers and colorful illustrations. It is a thin book containing only 24 pages, and it is an excellent read for second and third graders.  Of course, it covers the adventures in Harriet's life, and several history facts about the underground railroad. The book includes Harriet Tubman's timeline, a glossary, the list of books in the Biographies series, website links and other resources.

Did you know that the name of the Underground Railroad may have come from the incident of a runaway slave who swam across the Ohio River?  His master could not find him.  His master said that the slave escaped so quickly that "he must have gone on an underground road."

Does anyone have a 1995 U.S. postage stamp of Harriet leading a group of slaves to freedom?  If so, share it for show and tell during Black History Month.  Again this is a good book for young readers; check it out from your neighborhood library.

The title of the book is Harriet Tubman: Hero of the Underground Railroad by Lori Mortensen

--Deborah P. Turner, Children's Librarian