"The Help": A Good Book and Movie

The HelpThe Help is set in the 1960s when black females could only get jobs as maids. The maids' jobs consisted of cooking, cleaning and raising children in the homes of white people.

The storyline focuses on the relationships that developed between the maids and their employers. Often times these relationships created a strong family bond. The maids were like a part of the family, raising their employers' children from birth to adulthood. These children would become very close to the maids, and the same maid would often stay with same family for generations. Racism during those days caused the maids and their employers to have love-hate relationships that nobody wanted to talk about.  They experienced the high and low emotions together along with the good times and the bad times.

This is a great movie, where each relationship plays out differently.  Each maid has her own story, and in the end, they tell the world about it. Check the book out, and see the movie find out for yourself if they really complement each other.

-- by Deborah P. Turner
Children's Librarian