Solicitation Number: DCPL-2011-I-0006

Issue Date: September 6, 2011
Closing Date: October 6, 2011

Description: The District of Columbia Public Library is seeking a contractor to furnish all parts, labor, material, storage (if necessary) and equipment to furnish and install furniture at Francis A. Gregory, Mt. Pleasant and Washington Highlands Neighborhood Libraries.

DCPL-2011-I-0006 Solicitation Details
DCPL-2011-I-0006 Amendment
DCPL-2011-I-0006 Attachment J.1 - FGB
DCPL-2011-I-0006 Attachment J.2 - WAH
DCPL-2011-I-0006 Attachment J.3 - MTP
DCPL-2011-I-0006 Pre-Bid Conference
DCPL-2011-I-0006 Higher Resolution Floor Plans WHL
DCPL-2011-I-0006 Higher Resolution Floor Plans FGL
DCPL-2011-I-0006 Q&A Cover
DCPL-2011-I-0006 Q&A Set 1
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