Doggie Diaries: Adventures at the Library

Photo of Pablo the dogPhoto of Pablo the dog and a girl reading at the library

From Pablo's Diary: Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Almost eight. I can’t wait. Almost eight. I can’t wait… My birthday is next week. Waaa-ruuuu! My birthday is September 19, exactly one month before Miss Julie’s birthday. Isn’t that cool? I am planning a raccoon hunt for my mates and me on my birthday. Doesn’t that sound grand? Once I trapped a raccoon up a tree for three hours… Hee. Hee. It was the longest staring contest of my life!

I may be almost eight, but I am still a pup at heart. That’s probably why I loved hearing the Berenstain Bears’ New Pup book by the dynamite pair Jan & Stan Berenstain. And Dogs on the Bed  by Elizabeth Bluemle was a tail-thumping, rhyming rumpus! And then I felt my eyesight might be failing me when I saw the cover of Good Dog, Paw  by Chinlun Lee… I made a confused doggie face and did a double-take because I thought it was Miss Julie riding her scooter! My imagination does carry me away sometimes!

I have ridden in bicycle baskets, however, never a scooter. Maybe Miss Julie will take me for a ride for my birthday. Wouldn’t that be special? A monumental moment!

Happy wags from your PAL pup,

Photo of Pablo and a girl reading at the libraryPhoto of Pablo and a family reading at the library






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