The Pueblo People

PuebloThe Pueblo is one of the True Book series. It is a very fine book to use for a book report during Hispanic Heritage Month.  It has 46 pages and is an excellent read for 4th and 5th graders.   The book contains true and false questions, suggests a museum to visit and gives the meanings of important words in the book. 

The word "pueblo" has Spanish roots. The Spanish explorers and settlers gave the word pueblo to the Native American peoples' villages.  The name Pueblo refers to the descendants of the Native American people.  In 1539 the Pueblo people were attacked by Spanish soldiers, who, in order to get the Pueblos, gave up their religious beliefs. The king of Spain gave the Pueblo people land to farm. This arrangement was also for protection against Spanish soldiers. 

The Spaniards forced the Pueblos into slavery.  The Spanish people gave the Pueblo people a hard time, and the Pueblos consistently struggled and fought to protect themselves. 

The two authors did a good job with this book, giving the history of the Pueblos and Spanish people.  Check it out to read, and learn about the Spanish involvement with the Pueblo people from North America.

--by Deborah P. Turner
Children's Librarian