Language Learning Online

Language Learning Online

Downloadable Language Learning Audio from Overdrive
The library provides a number of downloadable audio titles through Overdrive. These audio titles provide language learning in multiple languages, including German, Italian, Japanese, Arabic and English. The titles are available for download to PCs, laptops and an array of Windows Media-compatible portable devices.

Mango Languages
Learn over 70 different languages with this interactive tool; each language has audio tutorials to practice reading, listening and speaking.  It also has ESL courses for Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese speakers.

Mango's Little Pim
Little Pim is a fun and interactive way to introduce a child to Russian, German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Hebrew, English, Spanish or French.

Powerspeak Languages
Learn Spanish, French, Mandarin, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Korean or English for Spanish and Mandarin speakers. Simulates gradual immersion into a new language through a series of stories, activities and learning exercises.

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