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Camera Shoots: Users may use their own camera equipment to reproduce images selected during a research appointment at no cost. A professional copy stand is available in the reading room. Researchers must first complete the appropriate permission in consultation with staff before the shoot begins and list images photographed. Staff will prepare a photo order with the total due if user fees are charged.

Prints: DC Public Library Special Collections cannot make prints of images from its collections. Please consult with the photo librarian on how to obtain prints.

Scans: Library staff scans images for a fee with the submission of a photo order. Patrons are not permitted to scan images.

Photo Orders

Scan Orders: Users may order scans of images from our collections for a fee after the correct permission is signed and submitted in consultation with library staff. After receipt of signed permission(s), staff will collect information from a customer to complete the order, including type, resolution and billing information. Orders are completed within a week to 10 days. Staff will send a photo order invoice with the total due to the customer via e-mail or U.S. mail when the order is complete. User fees may also be charged based on use. Scans can be picked up on a CD at the library, mailed, e-mailed--if scans are no larger than a 300TIFF file--or downloaded to a customer's FTP site.  The library accepts checks or money orders payable to the "D.C. Treasurer," but no credit cards.

Permission-only Orders: Publishers, authors or other researchers who want to publish, display or broadcast an image from Washingtoniana's collections that they already have, should contact the photo librarian to determine the correct permission to sign and submit.  Staff will prepare a photo order invoice listing all images requested to publish and charge user fees, if any, to the customer.

Scanning Fee Schedule

300 dpi scans 600 dpi scans
Size Charge Size Charge
5x7 $10 5x7 $15
8x10 $15 8x10 $20
11x14 $20 11x14 $25

User Fee Schedule

Charge per image based on the following uses are:
 Nonprofit     Free
 Published book $35
 Published book cover   $100
 Newspaper/Magazine article $20
 Magazine cover    $100
 Print advertisement $100
 Posters, postcards, pamphlets, flyers, calendar $35
 Commercial décor  $50
 Web site $20
 Exhibitions at commercial venues $20
 Local or public TV broadcast  $20
 Cable or network TV broadcast $50
 Commercial DVD or video  $50
 Motion picture $150

Copyright and Permissions

Fair Use Statement: A researcher need only complete a Fair Use Statement if the use is for research, government use, business report, or personal display and pays no user fees. If the images are subsequently published, the user must return to the library and in consultation with staff to complete a final permission to publish images based on the collection used and may also be charged user fees.

Permission to Publish: Users must request permission to use images from the library's collections in a print publication, exhibition, broadcast, website, digital format or film. Researchers may not reuse images from the library's collections in a different project without signing a separate permission. The Library charges a user fee for commercial use of an image. Staff selects the permission to use based the copyright of the image.

Copyright: Please review copyright information and permissions separately for the Star Collection, Historical Image Collection and photo collections in the DC Community Archives.

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