Doggie Diaries: Adventures at the Library

By Miss Julie (Interpreter for Dogs)

HarpoHarpo reading

From Harpo’s Diary: Tuesday October 4, 2011

The wind is my stylist. I rely on Mother Nature to fix my hair. Autumn blown, I call it.

On Sunday I was rocking the wet noodle look. It was Doggie Swim Day at the Somerset Pool. What a blast my mates and I had. Next year I think I’ll do a cannonball off the diving board… Kawabunga!

At the library, I sported a mop of bed head. I listened to story after story… and after a while a fellow just needs to be horizontal. I cozied up to the nearest person and let them know where they should rub and scratch me.  At last count, I heard four stories; Clifford’s Day with Dad  by Norman Bridwell, Please Take Me for a Walk by Susan Gal, Dogs on a Bed  by Elizabeth Bluemle and Dog and Bear: Three to Get Ready  by Laura Seeger Vaccaro.

You know, I think I should write a book. I could call it The Many Hairstyles of Harpo. I’m sure it would be a best seller. I’d highlight all my must-have looks: Autumn Blown, Wet Noodle, Bed Head and more. I think I’m onto something… 

Peace and Love,
The Big H (A.K.A. Harpo), PAL dog extraordinaire

P.S. Ooopsies! I almost forgot. I promised Miss Julie that I’d report on tonight’s craft. The kids made Doggie Cube Art. You snip a little here and fold a little there and voila… doggies! There were three fun designs: leggy doggie, boxy doggie and bobble-head doggie.

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Harpo listening

Doggie cube art