On My Bookshelf

"My Long Trip Home: A Family Memoir" by Mark Whitaker

My Long Trip Home: A Family Memoir by Mark WhitakerAs a graduate student whose coursework seems to get more demanding by the day, I don't often get a chance to indulge and read something that isn't related to school. Still, I couldn't shake the hankering that I'd been having for a good tell-all or memoir, which led me to pull Mark Whitaker's My Long Trip Home: A Family Memoir from the shelves.  The work has proven to be both interesting and engrossing, as Whitaker tells the tale of his family's lineage: from his grandfather's rise to success and eventual downfall in middle 20th-century black Pittsburgh, Pa., to his own interesting story. Whitaker is no stranger to success in his own right, having been named one of Essence Magazine's "Top 25 Most Influential African-Americans" for 2008.  Still, he tells his family's story with a reverence and humility that shows the respect that he has for all involved. 

Sound like a good read?  Want to read along with me?  Check it out! 

--By Mack Simon