Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone

Works of Eduardo Galeano
Book Cover: Mirrors by Eduardo GaleanoEduardo Galeano is a bit of a shadow to North American readers.  A few years ago, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez gave President Obama a copy of Galeano's "Open Veins of Latin America" - a political and social commentary on the region.  Galeano is best known for his epic trilogy, "Memory of Fire," a prose poem on the mythology and history of South America.  "Mirrors" contains the stories of thousands of years of anonymous, semi-famous and well-known people.  It also includes histories that were completely made up, including the epic of the Wild West, "..the most successful universal myth of the Twentieth Century".  The entries are rarely a page long and span the world, from mythology to history to colonialism to biography.

Sample headings: "Brief History of Beer", "Origin of the Hen", "Socrates", "Maimonides and Averroes", "Death by Doctor", "Here Lay India", and "the Devil is Red".