Book Review: "Horns" by Joe Hill

Recently on NPR, I heard a report from Barbara Bradley Hagerty, who proclaimed 2011 a good year for heaven and hell.  She talked about nonfiction books on heaven and hell.  One of the books mentioned was Rob Bell's Love Wins: ABook About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived.  You may want to listen to her report on NPR's website: "Hell on Fire in 2011, Thanks to Films and Books."

I found the report interesting. I had just finished the fiction book Horns by Joe Hill.  I thought the book would have fit in nicely with her report. The main character, Ig Perrish, wakes up one day with genuine horns on his head. Those horns are quite troublesome at first, but Ig soon realizes the horns are going to help him through the rest of his life. He has already been living hell on earth with losing his girlfriend to a murder. Ig is pretty sure he did not commit the murder, but he is the one accused and must find out the truth. This is a wrestling with the devil kind of story. Above all, this is an amazing love story.

I have been curious to read a Joe Hill work since I read that he is Stephen King's son. I was looking for a copy of The Heart-shaped Box. Horns was on the shelf. I was uncomfortable with the story at first, but I kept reading, and I was not disappointed. Just like his father, Joe Hill can deliver a good read.

--by Judith Oliver