Animals and Their Senses

Kids Can ReadKids Can Read is the name of a beginner reading book series.  The series covers various animal topics, and it has three different reading levels, from one to level three.  This series can be checked out from your neighborhood library.

How Animals Use Their Senses is a level 3 title that allows children to read alone. The book introduces children to fascinating facts about the way different animals use their senses.  For example, "did you know that a snake smells with its tongue, a fly tastes its dinner by walking on it, and a cricket's ears are on its legs?" 

Vampire bats like to eat warm blood, and they can sense the heat from animals with warm blood.  "But don't worry--vampire bats don't like human blood."  This is the kind of information you will find in the book.  Check it out for your child to read, and watch how it holds his or her attention.

--Deborah P. Turner, Children's Librarian