Teen Book Reviews by Volunteer Dzhoy

Book cover for Perfect ChemistryPerfect Chemistry is a really engaging book for teenagers who have been in a relationship before, although I would recommend this book to any teen hoping for a good read. Overall, the book is a 10 out of 10 because it deals with real life situations in a realistic setting. Although the ending might not be what you expect, there are two other books in the series.

Cover of Take Me ThereTake Me There is a story about friends in New York who become more than just friends. I would recommend this book to any other teen who is a romance novel reader. The ending is very unfinished, which leaves room for the reader to imagine what happens to the characters.

Cover for Dash and Lily's Book of DaresDash and Lily’s Book of Dares has a very interesting plot line and hooks you right from the beginning. I would recommend it to any teenager or adult looking for a romance novel. I would rate the book 10 out of 10 because once you start, you can’t stop reading it.