Ethiopia Display

View Through the End of February

CCH Ethiopia displayEthiopia is so different in so many fascinating ways:

  • The Ethiopian calendar has 13 months.
  • The year is 2001 in Ethiopia now.
  • Ethiopia's New Year is September 12.
  • Christmas is Jan. 7, and gifts are not given.
  • Ethiopia has 80 ethnic groups and 90 languages.
  • The weather is fabulous and pleasant in the mountainous regions where most Ethiopians live.
  • Ethiopians use their father's name as their "last" name.
  • Coffee drinking probably originated in Ethiopia.

And did you know that Washington, D.C., has the largest Ethiopian community outside Africa?  That's a good reason to check out our display on this fascinating country. Watch a video preview.  The more you read about Ethiopia the more you'll want to know.