Finding and Keeping a Job!

Workplace Essential Skills for Adult Learners and Adult Educators

The Workplace Essential Skills video series and companion workbooks are available at the Parklands-Turner Library. 

  • The Orientation & Preview DVD helps the user to match skills and jobs and to problem-solve.
  • The Employment "Finding a Job" DVD helps the user in planning to work, matching skills and jobs, applying for jobs, résumés, tests and choices, and interviewing.
  • The Employment "Keeping a Job" DVD helps the user get ready for work, workplace safety and learning at work.
  • The Communication DVD helps the user understand the language of work, communicating with co-workers and supervisors, working together and communicating with customers.
  • The Writing DVD helps the user understand the process of writing; supplying information; directions, forms and charts; and writing memos and letters.
  • The Reading DVD helps the user understand reading for a purpose, find what is needed, forms and charts, follow directions, and read reports and manuals.
  • Math, the final DVD, helps the user understand number sense; solve problems; learn more about fractions, decimals and percents; measurements and formulas; trends and predictions; graphs and data.

Stop by Parklands-Turner today, and get busy!