Join the "Slow Food" Movement

Book Cover: The French Slow CookerFollowing the great success of The Italian Slow Cooker, Michele Scicolone's newest offering is The French Slow Cooker --and it is every bit as wonderful! Scicolone is the author of 16 cookbooks and has been nominated for the the James Beard and International Association of Culinary Professionals Awards.

This lady really knows her stuff! I have personally tried a number of the recipes, and they have each been simple, elegant, and delicious. One of the easiest, and my favorite so far, is the recipe for "Roasted" Beets with Butter and Herbs, which I've made several times. The photography in the cookbook is gorgeous--you'll have a hard time trying to decide which dish to try first.

This is one book I plan to "slow cook" my way through. In fact, it will be tucked into my shopping bag on my next trip to the local farmers' market. If you are a busy professional, a student or mom/dad with a growing family, you can still come home to a nutritious and tasty home-cooked meal. Let Michele Scicolone show you how. It's easier than you think!

-- Debra Shumate, Branch Manager